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Anybody wanna make out in my car? It’s new! ✌
Thunder buddies @nicolerclark πŸ’œ
As Macy Gray’s “I Try” was playing while I signed the papers, I knew he was the one. Say hello to Jack. Just Jack. 2014 Chevy Cruze with 10 MILES! #RIPangie #HELLOJACK

O:^) HELLO cuties
Speaking of basics… #wcw #WizzzCrushWednesday #BasicBitch @johnnywizzz 😘😁✌
I guess it’s National Dog Day or something? Idk here’s some pics of this dog that hangs out in my room all the time, messing up my bed, taking up all the room when I’m trying to sleep… #theworst #jk #bff
Umm okay! Thanks, Stockton! #mysterymoney #rich
Only two hub caps left.. #hooptycar #badside #lifestylesoftherichandfamous

be happy
"95% of the time I feel absolutely nothing but that 5% of the time I feel everything all at once."

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Alvaro Casavecchia at Next Miami
True/False game?

Inbox me an assumption about me, and I’ll tell you if it’s true or false!

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Flowers in Paris